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Mechanical Applications for HEM Sapphire

HTOT’s ability to grow larger boules with our HEM furnaces increases the mechanical applications of sapphire. Larger boules of high quality mean larger size components with high strength, abrasion resistance and chemical stability.  
HTOT has produced A-axis parts with diameters of 510mm! If you have an application that requires large sapphire parts with high strength, abrasion resistance, thermal and chemical stability then contact us with the details of your application.

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HTOT HEM Grown Sapphire Characteristics

• Melting point of 2050°C
• Hardness of 9 on the mohs scale 
• High conductivity at cryogenic temperatures
• Resistant to chemicals at high temperatures
• Low coefficient of thermal expansion
• High compressive strength
• High flexural strength at elevated temperatures
>99.999% purity (Click for GDMS Analysis)



HTOT HEM Sapphire Max Sizes Currently Available




 Mechanical Grade  510mm  510mm diagonal
 Optical Grade  380mm  380mm diagonal
Mechanical Grade  260mm  380mm X 260mm
 Optical Grade  200mm 200mm diagonal


HEM sapphire possesses superior hardness, strength, thermal shock resistance with working temperatures up to 1950°C. This increases the number of mechanical sapphire applications where sapphire can be safely used. Semiconductor wafer carriers, pressure windows, wear parts, bearings, blades, tubes, nozzles and jewel bearings to name a few possible applications

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