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Sapphire Screen Cover

Product Highlights

Sapphire Cover GlassWe produce Sapphire cover for a wide range of products and applications. Sapphire cover made of Sapphire offers superior abrasion resistance, toughness, and fracture resistance compared to glass products. 

Our cosapphire cover is produced from our HEM grown Sapphire boules to customer specified dimensions. 

We can provide:

  • Cover screen substrates- to be finished by the customer or
  • Final finished products.


We can also offer the following options:

  • Edge contouring
  • Edgebeveling
  • Laser cut through holes
  • Corner shaping
  • Coatings- anti reflective or customer specified coatings

Technical Specifications

 Material  Al2O>99.999%
 Orientation  A-plane 0° ± 0.5° (Other orientations available)
 Size  Various length and width sizes up to 520mm diagonal
 Thickness  ≥0.5mm
 BOW  ≤10μm
Bending Strength  ≥550 MPa
Transmission (400nm to 700nm) >85% (Coating options available)
Surface Quality Finished polish to 60/40
Edge Quality Chips <0.1mm
Packaging Customer specified

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