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HEM Grown Optical Sapphire

HTOT’s HEM grown sapphire provides superior optical qualities. It has low transmission wavefront distortion, a broad transmission range from the ultra violet (UV) to the infrared (IR) spectrum with thermal stability and high strength.

HTOT’s sapphire is grown using the automated HEM sapphire growth process. This time proven crystal growth method allows for the growth of sapphire in large sizes with superior crystalline structure and low inclusion levels that provides high optical performance in a wide range of optical window applications. Applications include aerospace, Astronomical and high power lasers.

Image SizerHEM Sapphire Characteristics

HEM grown sapphire is a preferred material for optical applications that require stability, abrasion resistance, strength and light transmission over a wide range. (150nm to 5000nm)

• High mechanical strength
• Tolerant to very high temperature environments (working temp ~1950°C)
• Chemical resistant even at high temperatures
• High thermal conductivity
• Thermal shock resistance
• High resistance to solarization radiation effects
• Hardness - excellent scratch resistance
• Low frictionacoefficient
• High dielectric constant (9.39 from 1.0 MHz to 8.5 GHz) 
• Sapphire optics up to 510mm in diameter
Pure- >99.999%  (Click for GDMS Analysis)


HTOT HEM Sapphire Max Sizes Currently Available

 A-Plane Round Rectangular
 Mechanical Grade  510mm  510mm diagonal
 Optical Grade  380mm  380mm diagonal
Mechanical Grade  260mm  380mm X 260mm
 Optical Grade  200mm  200mm diagonal


HEM Sapphire Applications

There is an increasing demand in technical industries for large sapphire windows. Airplanes and UAVs, (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), have advanced reconnaissance systems and other large view ports that sapphire is perfectly suited for. These advanced systems have many different light sources and detectors working at different wave lengths.  Sapphire windows are capable of hosting these various equipment sets, working at different wavelengths under its one protective and efficient optical material.  HEM sapphire has no thickness restrictions so windows can be utilized in pressurized and unpressurized situations.  Sapphire is also increasingly viewed as a window material upgrade from Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) and Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) for airborne applications. It is well known that sapphire is commercially available unlike other optical materials such as Alon and Spinel which are more expensive with weaker performance compared to HEM sapphire.  GT Crystal Systems is committed to supporting its customers as they develop new technical solutions using HEM Sapphire.

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