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HTOT has two crystal growth facilities located in China. We utilize Heat Exchange Methos (HEM) Sapphire growth technology because of the many advantages it offers, including:

  • A most automated crystal growth technology available today.
  • Accurate and repeatable control of the crystal growth through controlled heat exchange
  • Crystal growth occurs in a low thermal gradient environment

This growth technology routinely produces the large sapphire boules in the world with:

  • The high quality crystalline structure
  • The low stress
  • Superior strength and material consistency

Today, HEM technology enables HTOT to produce sapphire boules up to 230Kg. But with our commitment to research and development, the technology will allow us to reach even larger boules in the near future. Our larger boules mean that sapphire can be used for advanced applications that were not possible just 2 years ago. We have created parts with diameters up to 520mm while maintaining the high quality crystal structure, high strength and low stress of our sapphire!

Think of the possibilities!


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