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Rod Cutting

We fabricate parts from boules made from our advanced HEM growth process. The boules are inspected, characterized for crystal quality and allocated to specific customer orders. Our talented fabrication engineers and machinists cut, shape, grind and polish products to your specifications using advanced equipment and techniques. Fabricating sapphire parts takes unique skills and techniques to maintain the advantages of sapphire. Improperly machined sapphire can create micro cracks at the surface of a part, internal stresses, or improper crystal orientation. This can lead to less strength and lower performance of finished parts. Our fabrication engineers have the knowledge needed about the structure of sapphire to enable us to create superior parts that maintain the advantages of our HEM grown crystals.




Our fabrication process includes:

  • Machining techniques to reduce sub-surface damage
  • Superior machining tolerances to <0.0004” 
  • (0001), (1120), (1102), (1010) and other crystal orientations with tolerances to 0.05 degrees 
  • Polishing capabilities with surface finishes to 10-5 and Ra< 0.2nm
  • Laser cutting and curved machining allow us to produce any shape


Our in-house production capabilities include:

  • High throughput wire saws
  • OD wheel grind cutting
  • CNC machining
  • Laser Cutting & marking
  • X-Ray orientation measurement systems 
  • Single and double sided grinding
  • Single and double sided polishing
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