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Sapphire Wafers

Product Highlights

WafersHTOT has a full wafering line and can deliver wafer sustrates or completely finished wafers to the specifications outlined below. 

All wafers are produced from low stress high purity, LED grade HEM grown sapphire with a uniform crystalline structure, free of subgrains, bubbles and inclusions. This results in superior performance in downstream MOCVD processing with thin films and increased yields.


Technical Specifications

  2” Wafer 4” Wafer 6” Wafer
 Material  >99.999% Al2O3  >99.999% Al2O3  >99.999% Al2O3
 Orientation  (C-A) ±0.1° / (C-M) ±0.1°  (C-A) ±0.1° / (C-M) ±0.1°  (C-A) ±0.1° / (C-M) ±0.1°
 Primary Flat Location  A-axis ±0.2°  A-axis ±0.2°  A-axis ±0.2°
 Diameter  50± 0.05mm 100± 0.1mm  150± 0.2mm
 Thickness  430 μm ± 10μm  650 μm ± 20μm  
 Primary Flat Length  16 ± 0.5mm  16 ± 0.5mm  16 ± 0.5mm
 TTV ≤5μm  ≤10μm  
 BOW  -6~0μm  -10~0μm  
 Warp  ≤8μm  ≤15μm  
LTV (5x5)  <1μm  <1.5μm  
Front Surface  Ra < 0.2nm, epi-ready polished  Ra < 0.2nm, epi-ready polished  Ra < 0.2nm, epi-ready polished
Back Surface  Ra = 1.0nm ± 0.2μm Ra = 1.0nm ± 0.2μm   Ra = 1.0nm ± 0.2μm
Edge Status  No broken edge  No broken edge  No broken edge
Package  Clean Room, Nitrogen Atmosphere  Clean Room, Nitrogen Atmosphere  Clean Room, Nitrogen Atmosphere


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