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LASER-World of Photonics 2019 The LASER-World of Photonics, which was held from June 24th to 27th, 2019 at the Munich Exhibition Center in Germany. It brings together more than 1,227 exhibitors from 42 countries around the world, and tens of thousands of visitors. It is one of the most comprehensive exhibitions in the optoelectronics industry in the world.

Guizhou Haotian Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (GHTOT(HT)) first exhibited at this event in 2017. This year is the second time and our 3D filter and sapphire product line was showcased.

The HT booth welcomed professionals from all over the world to discuss the applications of Haotian 3D filter products. Also we emphasized that HT sapphire is characterized by large size and quality. The event was also an opportunity for our team to visit other booths to get industry information, learn about new applications, meet new people in the industry and to strengthen existing relationships. Exploring the consumer demand in the market is a good way to seek foreign trade and development, and broaden trade channels.

GHTOT has long been engaged in the research, development and production of optoelectronics materials and optical filters. At present, the 3D filter developed by our company has been used for face recognition, and it has also been applied in the field of driverless cars. Our sapphire material is widely used by customers in the fields of LED, semiconductor, optics and medical.

Taking advantage of its resources, the development of GHTOT is diversifying into new applications based on industry trends. The exhibition is a platform for us to effectively expand the trade market, enhance the brand and corporate image, and we believe that more of our products will be in demand in the future. The exhibition ended successfully. We look forward to attending this show again in 2021!

LASER-World of Photonics 2019 LASER-World of Photonics 2019LASER-World of Photonics 2019

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