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第二十届中国国际光电博览会 (CIOE 2018)2018 China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from September 5th to 8th, 2018. Guizhou Haotian Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.(GHTOT) dispplayed new product-3D narrow-band filters, φ20inch sapphire window, Ti:sapphire, and  230kg sapphire boule, sapphire ingots, sapphire substrates, sapphire wafers and sapphire windows at Hall 7 booth #: 7G12.

GHTOT provides coatings for filters used in advanced 3D Sensors. Our coatings provide narrow band transmission and sharp cutoffs. GHTOT designed and built our own coating chambers to provide filters with industry leading performance. GHTOT is also the world-leading sapphire growth and fabrication manufactuer providing high quality sapphire crystal, ingot, brick, sliced wafer, polished wafer and window for LED, Optical, Sart phone, Watch, Semconductor, Medical, Aviation and Aerospace, and Dendense industries.

There were lots of highlights during the exhibition: 1)The displayed new product - 3D narrow-band filter awarded the “Technology Innovation Award” ! 2)Dr. Ji Yong, the Chairman & CEO , as the founder of GHTOT, was interviewed by CCTV. He stated the company's prospects and new trends in the industry, and also sent a good wishes to the CIOE. 3) Mr. Carl Zhang, the vice president of GHTOT, presented a wonderful speech on "An Effective Way to Improve the Reliability of 3D Detection" at the "2018 Optical Coating and Detection Technology Application" forum. The audience was highly enthusiastic and the auditorium was full.

In this great and influential integrated optoelectronic event, the displayed 3D narrow-band filter and large format sapphire products attracted many domestic and international professional audiences to stop by our booth and have deep communication with us. Many industry people showed their great interests and did heap praise on our new product - 3D narrow-band filter.

The Show was very successful. Thank you all of you stopped by our booth. We look forward to seeing you next year again!

第二十届中国国际光电博览会 (CIOE 2018) 第二十届中国国际光电博览会 (CIOE 2018)zhntai


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